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Mount St Helens Helicopter Tours

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Mount St. Helens Helicopter Tours
Address: Located at the Buried A Frame on SR 504 (19 mile marker)
9745 Spirit Lake Highway
Toutle, WA 98649
Long Description:

Experience the wonder of a volcano from the best vantage point – the air with Mount St. Helens Helicopter Tours!
Marvel at one of nature’s most powerful creations, taking in the devastation of an eruption that occurred over 37 years ago while learning about how the area is still affected today.
Hillsboro Aviation has been operating tours of Mount St. Helens for over 25 years and is the most experienced tour operator on the mountain.

Mount St. Helens Helicopter Tours
With its majestic beauty and eruptive history, Mount St. Helens boasts one of the regions’ most breathtaking natural wonders. Unparalleled vantages, sweeping panoramas, and a descent into the crater itself make Hillsboro Aviation’s Mount St. Helens helicopter tours a once-in-a-lifetime experience that cannot be missed!
Our tours operate from July through mid-September (or later, weather depending), departing every thirty minutes from our helipad at North Fork Survivors, just off Spirit Lake Highway. Tours are given in our Bell JetRanger, which is considered to be the most reliable helicopter in the industry. It seats four people in addition to the pilot. Our pilots are extremely knowledgeable about the area from years of flying tours and performing survey work on the mountain for the U.S. government. The pilots provide a thorough narrative during the tour, providing geographic and cultural context to the striking visuals you’ll witness on your tour.

We offer two tour options: the Crater Tour and Summit Tour. The tours include a variety of highlights from the Toutle River Valley, Elk Rock, Castle Lake, Johnston Ridge, Spirit Lake, Loowit Glacier, and the mountain’s new lava dome that emits white steam signaling its status as a very active volcano. On a clear day, there are also spectacular views of Mount Rainier to the north and Mount Adams to the east, framing the eruption zone that stretches for over 15 miles.

Mt St Helens Helicopter Tours is now open for the 2019 Season!

Website Address: Hillboro Aviation
Phone Number: 503.648.2831