Papa Pete’s Pizza – Castle Rock

Papa Pete’s Pizza – Castle Rock
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Papa Pete’s Pizza
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From their humble beginning in 1974 – With hard work & determination, the Peterson Family developed the recipe that is known today as Papa Pete’s Pizza®.
 From the early days, Pete & Joann were committed to the integrity of their recipe.  Their proprietary dough & pizza sauce are still made on site, from scratch daily.
Remaining true to the product, their children continue to use only the finest meats, vegetables &100% real cheese blend.  Your satisfaction with our product is still guaranteed just like in the beginning.  We continue to expand to new markets, bringing the unique taste of Papa Pete’s Pizza® to your family…. Because your family deserves the best.

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1163 Mt St Helens Way
Castle Rock, WA 98611
  • Papa Pete’s Pizza – Castle Rock

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